THREE towering phone mast receptors could be built in the same street in Dodington.

Homeowners are furious after mobile giants Vodafone submitted a shock application for a 10-metre high mast on Rodford Way.

Campaigners say they are astounded at the proposals because they were reassured by South Gloucestershire Council earlier this year that no more masts would be allowed in the area.

Parish councillor Mandy Sainsbury, who lives in Blaisdon off Rodford Way, said the news had come as a "bombshell".

Phone firm O2 has already erected a mast on the road which towers above local houses and mobile company 3 has planning permission for a nearby site.

Cllr Sainsbury said: "It is absolutely awful. They are turning this into phone mast alley.

"I had been so immensely heartened to hear the new approach the council was taking in the matter of mobile phone mast applications.

"I felt at the very least the dreadful time myself and neighbours had experienced with the o2 mast had not been in vain.

"Words cannot adequately describe my horror about this latest application."

She added: "I am not anti-technology. Everyone wants the benefit of modern day living so these masts have to go somewhere but it cannot be right to have three in one small community."

Amanda Morgan, whose house is next to the existing O2 mast, said: "I am worried about the health issues and the value of my property.

"I have lived here for 22 years and feel really angry about this. Why do we need another mast so close to the existing one? We have been told a pack of lies by the council."

No one from the council or Vodafone was available for comment.