THORNBURY FM has had more than 40 complaints made against it rejected by Ofcom.

The community radio station had 47 complaints made against it to the industry’s regulator after its four-week broadcast in November.

However, this week Ofcom decided to throw out all of the complaints.

The complaints had included concerns about whether material broadcast was harmful or offensive and whether information given was misleading.

Other complaints were about the involvement in broadcasts of people under the age of 18 and the inappropriate use of a web-cam.

This was the first time any formal complaints had been made against the community radio since it started three years ago.

The station had to provide Ofcom with 23 hours worth of broadcast for the regulators to listen to.

The Rev David Primrose, chairman of Thornbury FM, told the Gazette: "I'm absolutely delighted to know that we meet the appropriate standards and we will continue to strive to be a better and better radio station that serves the needs of everyone in the community.

"We were more than happy to assist Ofcom and happy to receive any advice and guidance to achieve the high standards."

Ofcom is an independent regulator and the competition authority for the UK communications industries.

A spokesman for Ofcom said: "We’ve carefully considered all of the complaints under the broadcasting code and found them not to be in breach."

Thornbury FM was launched in November 2005 with a two-week broadcast and has run six four-week broadcasts since, two a year.

The radio station is run completely by volunteers and offers a range of entertaining and informative programmes including news, sport, interviews, chat and music.

Thornbury FM will next return to the airwaves on April, 18, 2009 for another four-week broadcast to coincide with the town’s Arts Festival.

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