A YOUNG filmmaker is looking for photographs and footage of a former Falfield teacher.

I Won’t Go is a film documenting the later life of Eileen Truss, known locally as Oli, who died last August.

The film has been the work of Georgina Hurcombe, 25, a former pupil at the Castle School in Thornbury, who now works for a documentary production company based in Bournemouth.

Miss Hurcombe started the film several years ago while at university.

The film is now in post-production and already on the list for several international film festivals, but Miss Hurcombe is asking for other Falfield residents who might have known Oli to come forward and help complete the project.

She said: "The film at the moment focuses on Oli how she was as an elderly woman. It would be good to have some older footage of her when she was a young woman and photos of the area.

"We really want to document her life from a girl to growing older.

"In the end the house was quite run down, rat infested and she even had a Shetland pony living with her. Oli had quite a quirky lifestyle and the film goes some way to explain how she ended up living like this.

"The film illustrates the isolation of the elderly but it is also a celebration of independence.

"Oli had seen some of the film and she really liked it. She loved having the film crew in her house and she would do her make-up for us everyday before we came and she would put her best clothes on."

Oli was born in Lower Stone in around 1913. During her life she taught at Stone School before starting her own, St Martha’s School, in Falfield during the Second World War. Oli was a much respected and well-liked teacher and lived in Falfield.

As well as teaching Oli was also known for her singing voice and loved to ballroom dance with her husband of 20 years Johnny Truss.

In 1953 Oli even won the Littlewood Pools taking home £35,512 and 12 shillings.

Anyone with any photographs or footage of Oli is asked to contact Georgina Hurcombe at georgina.hurcombe@whitelantern.co.uk or call 01202 853708.