CHARFIELD is set to be at the forefront of a new energy saving scheme by switching off almost 200 streetlights.

South Gloucestershire Council is about to launch a new scheme in the village, which will see 176 lights switched off between the hours of midnight and 5am.

It is estimated that the switch off trial will save the council £2,200 and 12 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Mark Rosher, chairman of Charfield Parish Council, said: "We share South Gloucestershire's concern over reducing our carbon footprint, and were happy to take part in this initiative.

"We support any proposal which will help reduce energy expenditure, and this initiative not only saves costs but reduces light pollution too."

Before starting the trial, South Gloucestershire Council carried out consultation with the parish council, Safer South Gloucestershire, the police and other emergency services.

Street lights in vulnerable areas, for example approaches to major junctions, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and sheltered housing for the elderly are not included in the trial.

Cllr Sandra O’Neill, South Gloucestershire councillor for the Charfield ward, said: "This trial is a fantastic opportunity for the village, putting it at the forefront of energy saving. The aim is to cut carbon emissions, save taxpayers money and reduce light pollution.

"I will be very interested to hear what local people think of the scheme over the coming year. The lessons learned in Charfield will be used across South Gloucestershire."

South Gloucestershire Council has set targets to reduce its carbon footprint by three percent each year. Last year street lighting contributed to 17 percent of the council's carbon footprint.

The Charfield trial will be evaluated every three months. Council officials have said the scheme might be extended based on feedback received from the Charfield pilot. The scheme would only be extended after a full consultation.

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