A GLOUCESTERSHIRE based renewable energy company has been given the Royal seal of approval after installing their equipment at Highgrove.

Ecovision, which has its head quarters in Uley, recently installed some of their latest eco-friendly technology at Prince Charles’ estate near Tetbury.

The Prince has long been warning of the dangers of climate change and was keen to make the necessary changes to his home to conserve energy with air and ground source heat pumps.

The pump will significantly reduce the Royal estate’s carbon footprint as the technology, which uses the warmth from the air and ground to heat water, can cut emissions by up to 60 per cent.

The installation comes just months after Prince Charles warned that nations have less than 100 months to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change.

If the heat pumps prove successful they will be installed into Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s home.

Peter Randall, chairman of Ecovision the UK’s leading expert in renewable energy, said he is honoured to be working for HRH The Prince of Wales on his Highgrove estate. "We have embraced the opportunity to design and install the most efficient renewable energy system. The air source and ground source pumps will significantly decrease the estates carbon emissions and radically reduce energy consumption and costs. Mr Randall, who lives with his wife and three daughters in Uley, added: "We are delighted to have the endorsement of such an important environmental leader. Jointly our quest is to take responsibility for our planet and reduce our environmental impact for generations to come."

Other green measures that the heir to the throne has adopted in recent years at Highgrove include the installation of solar panels and woodchip boilers.

Rainwater is collected and used to flush toilets and irrigate land. The estate also has eco-friendly insulation and efficient double-glazing.

Ecovision will shortly be moving in as a tenant at the Highgrove business offices on the estate.