OPPOSITION to a new nuclear power station near Oldbury is growing.

People living near land earmarked for the development have launched their own campaign against government proposals to build another power station on the banks of the River Severn.

Almost 150 residents from Shepperdine, Oldbury, Thornbury and the surrounding area are joining forces to fight plans that could see energy giant E.ON build a power station plus cooling towers next to the existing Oldbury nuclear plant.

Reg Illingworth, a Shepperdine resident who is helping to lead the campaign, said: "This is a West Country issue, not just something that affects those of us who live in Shepperdine.

"We want to be able to keep people informed of all developments on a daily basis on this issue and we want people to share ideas on how we can fight this, which is why we have now launched a blog."

As well as their own website, the group has also organised a series of recent talks about the nuclear industry and its potential impact on local communities' health.

"This has been an education process allowing people to get a better understanding of the issue. The feedback we've had has been very valuable," said Mr Illingworth.

Now Mr Illingworth is calling on people to comment on the formal government consultation on the draft Nuclear National Policy Statement, which identifies Oldbury as a suitable site for a new nuclear power station.

"It's really important we use every opportunity to comment on these plans and get our voices heard. It would be great if as many people as possible go to these meetings next year," he said.

Next February the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will be holding an exhibition and public discussion in Thornbury on its proposals. Anyone wishing to attend the public discussion must register before.

The public discussion by DECC will be held at the Turnberrie's Centre on Saturday, February 6. To register visit www.nuclear-nps-events.info/locations.aspx?loc=9 The Oldbury campaign blog can be seen at www.shepperdineagainstnuclearenergy@blogspot.com