PEOPLE living near a ‘death trap’ road in Iron Acton are calling for urgent action to make the route safer.

Residents of Frampton End Road, which links the village with Frampton Cotterell and forms part of the Frome Valley Walkway, have been joined by ramblers, horseriders and cyclists in their campaign to close the single carriage country lane to through traffic.

They say that with two major roads between the villages, Bristol Road and Badminton Road, there is no need for motorists to use the lane as a cut through.

Marilyn Wright, who has lived at Algar’s Mill for 28 years, said the time had come to make a stand.

"In the last three to four years things have got significantly worse," she said. "All my neighbours have experience of an incident and I know many people who are too frightened to walk down the road.

"The lane is full of blind bends but it is entirely single track and a large stretch has no verges so if a car is coming you literally have to dive in a hedge. "Although there is not masses of traffic, people use it as a cut through and speed down this road so it is extremely dangerous. Something has to be done, otherwise there is going to be a tragedy."

She said it was a miracle no-one has been killed already. Animals, however, have not been so lucky as just last week a horse had to be shot after being badly injured in a collision with a car. Several other horses, as well as dogs and cats, have also been killed by cars on the lane.

Tony Harris, who is supporting the campaign, said: "Having been subject to a near miss myself whilst walking the dog along this incredibly dangerously narrow country lane, I wholeheartedly endorse this petition and call upon the local authorities to act before a human life is lost.

"Given that there are two very good alternative major roads between Frampton Cotterell and Iron Acton, there is absolutely no justification in maintaining vehicular ‘through access’ along this lane any longer."

Frampton Cotterell councillor Dave Hockey has joined the campaign to make the route a no through road.

He said: "This is a leisure area. It is part of the Frome Valley Walkway but it has become a nightmare. We cannot go on like this."

The petition will be delivered to South Gloucestershire Council on December 15. Copies are available to sign at Algar’s Mill, the Brockeridge Centre in Frampton Cotterell or at