LIBERAL Democrats faced a crushing blow as people across the region and the country said a resounding No to AV.

In both South Gloucestershire and Stroud district, voters were in tune with popular opinion and voted no to AV in the referendum last Thursday.

There was not enough support for voting reform and as instigators of the referendum, the Liberal Democrats suffered a devastating blow to their campaign.

Steve Webb, Liberal Democrat MP for Thornbury and Yate and pensions minister, said having knocked on many people’s doors ahead of the referendum he got the feeling the message about voting reform was not getting through.

"In the end I wasn’t surprised by the result, clearly I was disappointed but I think we had to take responsibility for not getting our message across effectively."

He said the result would have no effect on the way the coalition government goes forward.

"We all accepted it was down to the British public to decide and we can’t complain when the vote doesn’t go our way.

"This won’t affect the coalition in any way, as Liberal Democrats we just need to make sure all our positive work gets heard about."

In South Gloucestershire 46 per cent of people turned out to vote in the referendum, with 70.5 per cent of people voting no and just 29.5 per cent voting yes to AV.

Turnout varied widely between wards, ranging from 62.4 per cent in Cotswold Edge to 27 per cent in Kings Chase.

In Stroud 49 per cent of the electorate turned out to vote, with 35 per cent voting in favour of AV and 65 per cent against.

Nationally turnout was around 42 per cent and 68 per cent of people voted no with around six million voters for AV and 13 million against.