A FORMER Rednock student is on her way to making it big as an author with what looks set to become a cult hit vampire book.

Shalini Boland could be hot in the heels of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, judging by the success of her new vampire novel, Hidden.

The book is selling well in the UK, but it is in the US where it is really taking off and the reason could be the novel's Cotswold setting.

The story follows teenager, Madison, who inherits a beautiful but creepy mansion in Gloucestershire.

"It’s the stereotypical idyllic setting that I think every American has in their mind when they think of rural England," said Shalini, 41, whose mother Amara Gillo lives and works in Dursley.

Being brought up in Dursley helped give her the inspiration she needed. "There’s something about the dramatic and gorgeous landscape around here that is perfect for the setting of a vampire tale."

Stinchcombe Hill and Waterly Bottom are among the places you can expect to find featured in the novel, as well as the more exotic settings of 19th century Paris and ancient Cappadocia in Turkey.

The novel starts off in gritty urban reality but soon moves into historical adventure, archaeological digs, ancient legends and romance across time.

The blurb on the book reads: "On Madison Greene's sixteenth birthday, her life in foster care ends when she becomes the heir to a fortune. But she also inherits something else along with the money, something secret and hidden that shouldn't be disturbed."

Two more books in the series are planned for the future.

Hidden (Marchwood Vampire Series) is available as an ebook (£2) and from Amazon (£10.99). You can also buy it locally in That New Shop, in Dursley, priced £9.99.