OLDBURY Power Station is moving swiftly with its decommissioning process.

Staff are right on schedule according to site director Mike Heaton and making great strides towards reducing hazard at the plant in preparation for defuelling.

Since the end of generation on February 29, a total of 465 hydrogen cylinders, previously required for the turbine, have been removed as well as 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Approximately 67,000 cubic litres of turbine oil have also been taken away to be recycled.

All electricity cables were disconnected and power sources isolated from the reactors making it impossible to turn them back on.

Mr Heaton said: "We have made some really good strides forward in terms of transition. The site has been recognised within the company for the progress made in these areas in such a short space of time and good engagement and consultation with the unions on site has maintained high morale during this period of change."

He added: "We do have a first class work force. The key aim is to keep a focus on safety and compliance. We have made a very good start and I really hope we keep that momentum going."

Even when Oldbury Nuclear Station lost its main cooling water supply back in June, staff instantly noticed the fault and took the relevant measures to reconnect it safely.

Workers are now getting the nucelar station ready for defuelling which should take place in June 2015. Around 300 flasks will be needed to defuel the site. They will then be shipped to a plant in Sellafield for reprocessing.

As part of the transition process, staff numbers will gradually decrease and several of them have already taken early retiremnt.

Oldbury currently has 430 workers. The aim is to reduce the team by 50, leaving 369 staff on site by March 2013.

By April 2014, 340 people will be working at the plant.

"We will be making sure that the best people stay to see the site through," Mr Heaton added. "One of the things me and my team are working on is to ensure that we keep the right skills on the site."