The following planning applications were registered with South Gloucestershire Council between 27.11.17 and 3.12.17.

Almondsbury: Willow Dene, 27 Hortham Lane, erection of single storey side and rear extensions to form integral garage and provide

additional living accommodation, installation of 2 no. front and 2 no. rear dormers to facilitate loft conversion (amendment to previously approved scheme PT11/2762/F); Two Elms, The Close, demoliton of existing dwelling and outbuildings, erection of 2 no. dwellings and associated


Alveston: Elmhurst, 96 Gloucester Road, Rudgeway, erection of first floor side extension to provide additional living accommodation.

Charfield: Charfield Congregational Church, Wotton Road, works to crown reduce 1no willow tree to a finished height of 15 metres and a radial spread of 20 metres, covered by Tree Preservation Order SGTPO.

Dodington: 80 Blaisdon, Yate, erection of two storey rear extension to form additional living accommodation (retrospective).

Hawkesbury: Back Street, Hawkesbury Upton, erection of 2 no. semi-detached dwellings with access and associated works; Garden land north east of Thatch Cottage, Well Lane, Little Badminton, erection of 2 no. greenhouses; The Coppers, France Lane, Hawkesbury Upton, non-material amendment to planning application PT17/3460/F to alter the approved roof of side extension from slight pitch to flat roof.

Oldbury-on-Severn: Oldbury Power Station, Power Station Road, construction, operation and subsequent decommissioning of a temporary intermediate level waste drying plant (conditioning facility and waste transfer area) and associated external plant and structures; Barn at Naite Farm, Oldbury Naite, prior notification of a change of use from Agricultural Building to 1no. residential dwelling (Class C3) as defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as


Oldland: Newton House, Earlstone Crescent, Cadbury Heath, demolition of existing buildings and erection of a 64 bed care home and 24 bed re-

ablement centre with access, parking and associated works; California Farm, Shellards Road, Longwell Green, works to crown thin 2 no, beech trees by 20 per cent, reduce crown by 2m and thin by 15 per cent 1

Beech tree, fell a group of Maples and fell 1 no Cedar tree covered by KTPO 01/80 dated 27th October 1980.

Olveston: The Knoll, Lower Tockington Road, Tockington, works to trees as per the proposed schedule submitted to South Gloucestershire Council on November 24, 2017, trees situated within the Tockington Conservation Area.

Pilning and Severn Beach: 89 Marsh Common Road, Pilning, alterations to roof line and the installation of 2 no front dormers and 2 no. rear dormers to facilitate loft conversion to provide additional living accommodation.

Pucklechurch: 4 Castle Road, work to fell 1 no Cherry tree and 2 no conifer trees, crown lift 1 no Yew tree by 3 metres, crown lift 1 no plum tree to 3 metres and reduce crown to leave a finish height of 5 metres

and radial spread of 3.5 metres, crown reduce 1 no plum tree to leave a finished height of 5 metres and radial spread of 3.5 metres, crown lift 1 no Maple tree to 3 metres, thin crown by 10% and reduce crown to leave a finished height of 6 metres and radial spread of 3.5 metres, trees situated within the Pucklechurch Conservation Area.

Rangeworthy: Meadow Cottage, New Road, erection of side conservatory.

Sodbury: The Old Grammar School, High Street, Chipping Sodbury, erection of metal canopy with glazed roof, covering the existing bandstand area; The Greenaways, Woodmans Road, Chipping Sodbury, variation of condition 1 attached to PK17/1817/NMA to substitute approved drawing with plans P3 A 003, P4 A 003, P5 A 003, P6 A 003 and P7 A 003.

Thornbury: First floor flat, 26 High Street, internal alterations, installation of replacement window to side elevation; 7 High Street, consent to display 1 no internally illuminated static fascia sign; Mundy Playing Fields, Kington Lane, installation of 6 no. floodlights and erection of 2m high perimeter fence with associated works; Demolition of existing dugout shelters and erection of spectator stand, ticket booth and 2 no. replacement dugout shelters; 9 Dovedale, non-material amendment to planning permission PT17/1002/F to increase the depth of the approved extension from 3.835m to 4.820m and alterations to rear elevation.

Westerleigh: Algars Manor, Station Road, Iron Acton, work to fell 1 no. Willow tree situated within the Iron Acton Conservation Area; Says Court Farm, Badminton Road, Coalpit Heath, works to crown reduce 3 no Oak trees to a finished height of 3.3 metres, covered by South

Gloucestershire Council Tree Preservation Order 28/13 (822) dated December 4, 2013. Currently the woodland located in the centre of the site is causing shading on the solar panels within the north-eastern field. Productivity is being reduced significantly due to shading from the small woodland, which will increase during the winter months. Lightsource attended site with one of our specialist tree surgeons, who provided

the below detail and recommendations: "The site has many mature deciduous trees; mainly oaks which need protecting. The small woodland we looked at is part of the landscape and the local wildlife habitat. It is full of healthy specimen trees which also need to be looked after and preserved. The tree canopies in the woodland do create shading on

your panels. To eliminate these shadows the tree canopies would need to be cleared completely which you we can not recommend and Lightsource do not want this either due to the value of the trees. On the fringe of this woodland we highlighted three oak trees which are within dangerous proximity to the over head HV electricity lines and discussed

the possibility of clearing them. We recommend reducing only these three trees to the height of the hedge in front of them- approx. 10ft. The overall value of the woodland would not be noticeably impacted, the over head cables would be a safe distance from the woodland and you would gain sun light on the panels. To consider this work we would

require permission from the local council and the tree owners; 108 Badminton Road, Coalpit Heath, demolition of existing side extension, erection of single storey side extension and erection of single storey rear

extension to provide additional living accommodation, erection of front


Winterbourne: White House, 125 Down Road, Winterbourne Down, erection of front porch, installation of 1 no rear dormer; 5 Factory Road, erection of first floor side extension with Juliet balcony to form additional living accommodation.

The following planning applications were registered with Stroud District Council between 27.11.17 and 3.12.17.

Dursley: 12 Ewelme Close, single storey extension; 10 Garden Suburb, rear extension to end of terrace dwelling; 13 Cambridge Avenue, build a porch onto the front of property.

Stinchcombe: Land north of Echo Lane, residential development (all matters reserved); 1, 2, 3 The Avenue, external wall wrap around insulated render system.

Uley: 5, 6, 8 The Knoll, South Street, external wall wrap around insulated render system; Stouts Hill Cottage, Lampern Hill, discharge of Condition 3 (Cladding) from Planning Application S.16/2641/HHOLD.

Wotton-under-Edge: The Manor House, Culverhay, (1) evergreen Magnolia by the house, high tops on the church yard side, reduce to approximately 1m above the roof line, high, long branches, reduce by approximately1.5m to shape, lower branches across and in front of the house, reduce by approximately 1m to shape, (4) Hawthorn, remove the tall central leader and shape; Land adjacent to Southwold Bournstream, change of use of agricultural land to residential use and the erection of a temporary park home dwelling (C3) subject to an agricultural occupancy condition; Land at 6 Potters Pond, construction of a new two storey detached dwelling; 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Golden Lane, Kingswood, external wall insulated wrap around system; 23 Westfields, external wall wrap around insulated render system; 1, 3, 7 Mount Pleasant, external wall wrap around insulated render system.