FILMING for the Oscar-nominated film Phantom Thread was partly carried out at Owlpen Manor, near Uley, Dursley, its owners have revealed.

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, the movie is up for six Oscars at next month’s event and has received raving reviews.

Owlpen Manor was the set for three weeks of filming in early 2017 with as many as 150 crew members based at the Tudor house.

It features as the country house of the film’s protagonist Reynolds Woodcock, who is played by Daniel Day-Lewis.

To protect their privacy, he stayed at the house, along with fellow actors, for the entire duration of filming.

“They made themselves at home,” said Karin Mander, owner of the house. “Daniel used to come into the kitchen for coffee in the mornings before filming began, and Vicky [Krieps] loved our dogs.

“When the filming finally finished, they didn’t want to leave.”

Senior location manager for the film, Jason Wheeler said that Owlpen Manor was the ideal place for filming.

“When we visited Owlpen Manor for the first time we knew we had found somewhere very special indeed.

“It was a genuine privilege spending time there and everyone was rather sad to leave.”

Phantom Thread is largely shot in a Georgian House in London, which is the setting for the character Reynolds Woodcock’s high society fashion house.

Owlpen Manor plays the secondary location, as a country retreat.

One of the film’s main scenes, where heroine Alma prepares mushrooms, was filmed in the Owlpen kitchen.

Day-Lewis plays a perfectionist dressmaker working in the salons of 1950s London.