The sun has got its hat on - but is the market coming out to play?

SUMMER, largely by-passing spring, has arrived at last.

So, what does this mean for the property market in Stroud and the surrounding valleys?

We have discussed in these articles before the fundamental strengths of our region, its scenery, accessibility (road and rail), schools etc which help to ensure our market remains buoyant compared to other parts of the country.

Good weather is another crucial factor as not only does it encourage more vendors to think of selling, but it brings potential purchasers out of the cities, especially London.

Normally, Easter marks the start of the selling season but this year it was early and followed a period of very indifferent weather.

However, as soon as the sun came out our phones started to ring with clients requesting valuations and prospective purchasers (frustrated that there had been so little on the market) anxious to know what might be coming available.

So good weather really is important.

Everyone feels more positive and properties look at their best.

Especially those fortunate to have lovely gardens, large or small.

Increasingly gardens are being seen as a real asset by purchasers, on a par even with the number of reception rooms/bedrooms a property offers.

Not surprisingly if you factor in the cost of creating a fabulous garden in both financial terms (the plants and shrubs) but in the time, effort and vision behind the finished article.

Equally, more people visit the Cotswolds during spells of fine weather and although that may not result in an immediate decision to invest in a new or second home, to continue the gardening analogy, it very often plants the first seed in their minds about doing so.

Many of the sales we at Murrays have agreed, that can be traced back to an initial conversation with visitors who subsequently register an interest in being kept informed and ultimately turn into purchasers.

So, sun and sunshine really do matter to the property market.

Buying or selling a home is likely to be the biggest personal financial decision any of us will ever make and it is a fact that good weather can make a great difference, especially when first impressions are so important.

Here at Murrays we are very conscious of this fact and that is why we attach enormous importance in capturing what makes each of our client's properties unique both in words and pictures, however long the latter may take waiting for the weather to improve, as blue skies are vitally important.