A DURSLEY resident is furious after it took three years for the faulty heating system in her council flat to be fixed.

Vicky Ricketts, who lives on Acacia Drive with her partner Paul, has had to cope with thick black mould on the walls of her property.

The system has failed three annual heating checks and engineers have made regular visits to the flat in the last year.

Vicky believes a leaking pipe has resulted in the problems with mould and damp, but Stroud District Council claim this is not the cause of the damp.

Vicky, who suffers from severe asthma, said: “It was like a tap had been left running it was a constant drip.

“People come out from the council have said its just lack of ventilation but my windows are open 24/7.”

Vicky has had to redecorate her bedroom and replace beds, mattresses and bedside tables ruined by damp.

Repairs carried out a month ago, where the whole heating system was repiped, have solved the problem but Vicky is angry over the length of time it took.

“Ever since we moved in we have constantly complained about the heating system.

“It takes time and effort to decorate your property and to have it looking nice and your stuff ends up ruined. It all costs money.

“I have had to put up with so much stress. You expect a little better from your landlord instead of being fobbed off,” she said.

Vicky is concerned that other nearby properties are also being affected.

“There are so many council-owned flats that have this system in place. Some of them are worse than mine.

“I don’t want other people to suffer like we have,” she said.

A Stroud District Council spokesman said: “The problem with Mrs Ricketts’ heating problems has now been resolved. We’re disappointed that it took so long to diagnose, so we have arranged for a goodwill payment in recognition of this.

“The heating system is not the cause of the damp however, which appears to have been caused by industrial machinery used during grass cutting. We are discussing solutions to this with Mrs Ricketts.”