ROCK ‘n’ Roll lives on with This Is Elvis bringing the King back to the stage in glorious style at The Bristol Hippodrome.

The production from Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield focuses on an important part of the King’s life, during his big comeback at the end of the 60’s, when everyone thought Rock N Roll had been killed by the British invasion.

Fresh from military service and a seven-year hiatus making films, Elvis’ big TV special comeback opens the show, taking the audience all the way to opening night at his first Vegas residency.

Leading man Steve Michaels took to the stage with every bit of presence you would expect of the King, delivering a stand-out performance – something that you would expect of a performer for whom the whole production revolves around but this was quite masterful.

An award-winning tribute act, you could tell how much effort goes into Michaels’ interpretation with an incredible voice, all the moves and gestures nailed down and, as far as effort goes, the kitchen sink was thrown in first because you knew everything else would follow with his dancing enthusiastic enough to get the entire audience on their feet.

The show is not just hit after hit however, with Michaels portraying Elvis’ desire to get back out on the road, his fears that the comeback will be a failure and his fractured relationships with manager Colonel Tom Parker and wife Prescilla.

Throughout, Michaels is supported brilliantly by Reuven Gershon as Joe Esposito and Mark Pearce as Charlie Hodge, The King’s close friends, who add a touch of humour and depth to a show that could otherwise focus too heavily on its star.

A well rounded ensemble of backing singers and musicians complete a great line-up to imitate the real thing, but at some points, the backing sound did threaten to drown out the lead vocals.

Regardless, it is hard to remember the last time I saw a full audience on their feet at the Hippodrome, not just for the ending, but mid-performance, with the show running through the greatest hits of Elvis’ back catalogue.

Michaels’ vocal range and ability to sound as close to the real thing as it gets were showcased throughout, with unbelievable renditions of In the Ghetto, Bridge over Troubled Water and An American Trilogy personal highlights.

While this show will completely enthrall hardcore Elvis fans, don’t be surprised to find this show a guilty pleasure even if you aren’t a massive fan.

This Is Elvis is at The Bristol Hippodrome from Monday, July 23 to Saturday, July 28.

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