A SWAN has been rescued after being attacked by a gang of its own kind in Sharpness Canal.

Onlookers were alarmed as hissing and splashing broke the afternoon peace during the attack on Saturday, August 4.

In response to this, the Cotswold Canals Trust crew joined by the RSPCA and inspector Richard Carr set off to save the already weak and distressed swan.

"The boat and skilled steering was an essential part of this rescue," said Mr Carr.

Following the rescue mission, Richard drove the swan to the Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre at Beckford near Tewkesbury.

Today, Lydia Parry from the hospital can report:"The young male swan is now recuperating in a fenced pool - he is clearly gaining weight and fitness prior to his release somewhere safe."

As a reward for his valiant efforts in rescuing the swan, Richard was treated to a boat trip at Saul Junction on Sunday, August 5.