CARAVANS parked in Cambridge are causing frustration for residents.

In what is being described as “a long-running saga”, two caravans have been parked on the roadside for about six months without being asked to move on.

The caravans, which locals say have no lights and as such are in violation of permitted parking, are parked in the road by Elmcote Lane.

“If you park a caravan on the side of a road you have to do certain things with it, such as you have to have lights on it at night,” said Slimbidge parish councillor Steven Tilley.

“The owners of these caravans have not done this.”

Mr Tilley stressed that he was expressing his own views, not speaking on behalf of the council.

“The public has an innate sense of fairness,” he said.

“They’re happy to stick to the rules, as long as everyone else is sticking to them as well.

“But this isn’t fair.”

Mr Tilley said it was frustrating that neither the police nor county council had taken action over this.

“At the end of the day, like a lot of things in this world, if you flag something up to official bodies they then pass the issue around between them without sorting it out.

“It’s is not the crime of the century, but I’d like to know why everyone is pussyfooting around dealing with it.”

Local resident Mike Stayte is also concerned that no action has been taken over the caravans. 

He said: “This is a long running saga.

“And the council and the police have been informed many times.

“This situation is also an affront to local residents, “ he added.

“They not only have to put up with the associated mess generated by the caravan owners, but they also have to pay for their own caravan storage, or the use of a camp site, when they go on holiday.

“One wonders whether such actions would be permitted on the roads in and around the tourist and royal town of Tetbury.”

However, a spokesman for Gloucestershire County Council said that they and the police were powerless to intervene, as the caravan owners had not contravened any law.

He said: “The vehicle is not breaking any laws, so there is nothing that ourselves, the police or Stroud District Council can do from that perspective.

“We will however continue to speak with the owner of the vehicle to find out what their plans are."