I AM NOT convinced by Bob Copeland’s re-jigging of the 2016 Referendum results for Leaving or Remaining in the EU. (Letters 2nd August). It still comes out as a win for Leave, just a narrower margin.

I also don’t agree with him implying that the 2.9 million EU citizens who live here should have had a vote in the UK Referendum. I wouldn’t expect to have a vote in say Malaysia on a matter of national importance to them just because I lived there.

When Scotland last held a referendum on Independence, not that long ago, Scottish Nationals living abroad didn’t get a vote, not even those living in other parts of the UK.

If he’s unhappy that the result wasn’t convincing enough then I suggest he looks at the UK Government’s official results on the web for the regions that make up the UK as a whole.

There are twelve regions and of those only three, London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. That’s only 25%.

The remaining nine, 75 per cent, voted to leave. Or he could look at the results for the individual constituencies that make up the UK. There are 650 of those and 408 voted to leave with the other 242 voting to remain.

So if the 2016 Referendum had been a two horse race in an election between the Leave party and the Remain party then Leave would have won a commons majority of 83, something that Theresa May can only dream about.

Needless to say I won’t be clamouring for a “Peoples vote” on Brexit as I believe we’ve already had one of those.

Pete Berwick,