A CAM pet owner and her two dogs have taken part in a brand new pop video by a popular American singer-songwriter.

Jill Davis and border collies Demelza and Matisse can be seen ‘canine free-styling’ in John Grant’s new video release, Love Is Magic, which came out on August 7.

Since being uploaded on YouTube, the film, which was directed by Fanny Hoetzeneder, has had an impressive 12,000 views.

It features several ‘canine free-styling’ dogs and their owners and Grant says, it is ‘a beautiful snapshot of unconditional love’.

Also known as ‘heelwork to music’, this fast growing canine activity is about the partnership between dog and handler and the expression of that partnership through dog training, music and choreography.

Jill was invited to take part in the shoot by fellow canine freestyler, Nicci Hindson, who also appears in the film.

“It’s a song about love and John Grant decided he wanted to express that in the film by showing the love between dogs and owners,” said Jill.

The film crew came round to Jill’s house in Cam and spent seven hours there, getting all the footage they needed.

After the album is released in the autumn, Grant will be embarking on a world tour to promote it.

“Apparently, when he performs Love Is Magic on stage, the video will be showing behind him,” said Jill.

“One of his concerts is in Bath, which I may go to, it’d be nice to meet him.”

Jill has been involved in competitive heelwork to music since 1996, when she went along to a class to see what it was like.

“I was already doing dog obedience, and doing it to music added another dimension,” she said.

“Demelza and Matisse absolutely love it. If we don’t do their training, they come and start throwing their toys at me, asking me to get on with it.

“I think once you’ve awoken that up in them, they want to do it, and really miss it if they don’t do it.”

Love Is Magic is the title track of Grant’s new album, his fourth solo release, which is due out on October 12.

View the video at https://youtu.be/-qtTidRF2V0