During WW2 the town of Chipping Sodbury saw a US Army company base itself there, in the months in the build up to D-Day.

However in the years following the war, the town changed dramatically. It transformed from a small market town into a much larger housing development, helped by the building of many houses in the neighbouring town of Yate.

It grew rapidly with council housing and private developments being built all around the area.

In 1948, after 8oo years, the town boundaries were revised. This meant that Old Sodbury was no longer a part of Chipping Sodbury. All of Brook Street became Chipping Sodbury and the Elms Estate was now moved from old to the new area. Although there have been changes since 1948, the centre of Chipping Sodbury remains the core part of the town.

Traditional grocers and hardware stores prospered until the building of Yate Shopping Centre just one mile down the road. However business picked up again in late 20th century.

Yate Heritage Centre will have an exhibition set up at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall during the Sodbury 800 celebrations on Saturday and Sunday, August 11/12.