I MUST say that after reading Elizabeth Smith’s letter I didn’t know if I should find a tall building to jump off or walk about Dursley with a sandwich board stating the end is nigh.

For goodness sake lets all lighten up, there’s enough project fear being put about with Brexit, North Korea, Donald Trump etc.

We are having a glorious summer so let’s enjoy it we probably won’t see another like it for the next 40 years.

Yes we all know that over exposure to the sun is dangerous but most of us know how to safeguard ourselves.

I remember the same crystal ball prophets of doom back in 1976 when we were all suppose to perish beneath a hole in the ozone layer.

History has provided us with many accounts of extreme conditions but nature always prevails and brings back a balance of normality, so if the boffins and scientists can’t agree on our future then why worry.

This summer will be a happy memory when we are all suffering the winter chill and I expect the prophets will be out after an inch of snow predicting another ice age.


Whiteway, Dursley