A MUM of four has said she is 'overwhelmed' by the kindness of a stranger who handed her lost purse into a Dursley bank.

Catherine Marsh, who lives in Essex but grew up in Dursley, was visiting her two grandmothers in Cam earlier this month.

She believes she must have left her purse, which contained bank cards, her driving license and cash, on the roof of her car, on August 9.

"I think I left it on top of the car at my Nana's house, off Manor Avenue, and we drove to the George in Cambridge, so it possibly fell off anywhere between those two places," she said.

"Lloyd's bank called me on my mobile about 2.30pm to say someone had handed it in. Unfortunately by then I'd already travelled home to Essex, but my Nana went and collected it for me and posted the contents back to me."

Catherine was so touched that someone had taken the trouble to help in such a way that she took to Facebook, in the hope that she would be able to find them and thank them personally.

She posted: "This is probably a long shot but I would really like to find the very kind and considerate person who found my purse and went out of their way to hand it in at Dursley Lloyd's Bank with everything still in tact.

"I would really like the opportunity to thank them personally for such a lovely gesture."

Catherine told the Gazette: "I actually was very overwhelmed with emotion when I received the call from the bank, I felt so relieved and so humbled by the kindness of this person and I really wish I could whole heartedly thank them personally.

"It's good to know there are still lovely honest people in this world.

"I've always had a soft spot for where I spent my childhood and visit at least once every year to see family and show my children all my happy places.

"Everyone is very friendly, I love how most people walk by and say good morning or good afternoon with a smile.

"That's a rare thing in Essex where I live. There's definitely a good community feel in the area and the fact my purse was handed in, all in tact, just confirms my love for the place I grew up in."

If the person who found the purse would like to get in touch, Catherine can be contacted via Facebook.