THE decision on whether to remain in, or leave the EU will effect generations to come and is much bigger than party political differences.

We, as leading members of the main political parties in Gloucestershire urge voters to think positively about the sort of future we want to leave for our children and future generations.

We believe in a future in which the countries of Europe work together to overcome the challenges of refugees, climate change, economic and social development, war, nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

We want a future in which our children can continue to travel, study and work in our neighbouring European countries.

We know the EU is far from perfect, but we believe the UK can work with our European neighbours to make it better - a force for peace, security and prosperity in our World.

When Europe faced terrible threats in the past, like the rise of Fascism in the 1930s, the UK did not turn its back; we should not turn our back now.

We believe that a vote to leave the EU will lead to years of destructive negotiation and continuing political arguments, diverting attention away from the positive steps needed to address the urgent challenges we all face.

We also believe that negotiating trade agreements from the outside - with the EU and other trading partners - will actually leave us less well-off and with less control than we currently have as members.

We therefore unite above any party differences, to urge the voters of Gloucestershire to think positively about building a better future, by voting to remain within the EU.

Neil Carmicheal, MP for Stroud (Conservative)

Doina Cornell, deputy leader of Stroud District Council (Labour)

Martin Horwood, ex-MP for Cheltenham (Liberal Democrat)

Sarah Lunnon, County councillor for Stroud (Green)