AS MAID of East Kent, I am in a very small minority who from their family home could see, (on a clear day), the coast of France.

France was certainly a lot nearer (30 miles) than our county town (50 miles). Consequently I have always looked outwards and am not relishing the possibility of living in an isolationist Britain.

We need to co-operate and work with our neighbours and partners to solve our common problems - much progress has been made - in reducing and removing barriers to trade in goods, in the movement of capital and people, in improving the water quality in the rivers and off our bathing beaches, in improving workers' rights to equal pay, holidays, a safe working environment, in co-operating to catch criminals and keep us safe, etc.

I accept the EU is not perfect and at times the pace of reform has seemed far too slow, but it has to be better than the alternative with the risks of an economic downturn and a slower growing economy.

Young people love travelling and I have lost count of those over the years who I hear are working in Spain, France, Germany, etc or the older folk who spend winters or longer in the Mediterranean, the Dordogne or Tuscany.

We have gained from being able to work and live in the EU just as we stay-at-homes benefit from the contributions of the Greek paramedic, the Italian surgeon, the Spanish nurse, the Polish care worker...

Please vote to remain a member of the EU on June 23.

Mrs Jennifer Rowan

St Annes Drive

Coalpit Heath