To Dursley Town Council,

WHEN I came back from my holiday in Cyprus, I heard that you had nominated me for the Leslie D Gale award.

I was very surprised by this and didn't know whether to believe it or not.

I was told to bring my barrow down to the market place and when I got there, there was a group waiting for me.

John introduced Neil, the mayor, who made the presentation. I felt shock, but also joy. I was surprised to see so many people there.

It was wonderful to think that so many people and my friends from Dursley in Bloom were there to wish me well and see me get this award.

I would like to thank everyone from the council for this and especially Clare for nominating me and Neil for presenting the award. It was good to have my brother, Colin, there too.

I am so proud of the award and have taken it to show my friends at GL11 and Dursley in Bloom.

The glass award is in my cabinet at home and the framed certificate is hanging on the wall in the living room.

Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated.

Keith Thomson