MEMBERS of the Filnore allotments in Thornbury are increasingly concerned for the welfare of an individual or group who are apparently very hungry and desperate.

They have resorted to lifting and removing potatoes from various plots.

We are worried that in these days of turbulent politics and lack of leadership people are starving.

We would therefore like to offer whatever help we can to ensure a healthy diet in a spirit of compassion.

If the individuals concerned would like to contact us we will happily direct them to supermarkets where cheap vegetables are available or the local foodbank.

It might even be possible to teach them how to sow, plant and grow tasty vegetables.

We do have a spare allotment! This does however incur both cost, patience and hard work. But then again direct theft is cheaper and easier, if morally indefensible.

David Beeley

Chairman of Filnore Allotments

Maple Avenue