FEW people know that the bridge at Pilning Station will be quietly removed in August, never to be replaced.

This means that, with no access to the far platform, westbound trains will no longer stop at Pilning.

There are still a few Saturdays to experience the following family-friendly adventure.

Take your bike on the 3.41pm Saturday train from Pilning (three or four people travel for the price of two, and bikes go free).

The train will travel through the tunnel under the Severn and stop at Severn Tunnel Junction. Get off the train and cycle 15 miles back to Pilning on the well signposted cycle route NCN4 which uses traffic free paths and very quiet lanes.

The route is mostly flat and takes you through Caldicot, Caerwent, and Mathern, then over the Severn Bridge to Northwick and Pilning (see sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route4). The train takes five minutes, the cycle ride about two hours.

It's pretty, it's fun, and after August 20 you will not be able to do it again.

Heather Rickards

Meadow View