FOLLOWING my earlier letter to the Gazette about the so-called 'Buckover Garden Village', I would like to congratulate Luke Hall MP on his bold and principled opposition to this and other developments proposed for the Thornbury area.

The document, 'Fighting Buckover and Thornbury development together', which he has recently distributed, accurately lays out all the arguments against these proposals.

I fully support him in urging everyone who would suffer if these plans went through - which means everybody in Thornbury and the surrounding villages - to take the 60 seconds needed to fill in the questionnaire which will give him the ammunition to fight this battle on our behalf.

Unfortunately, Thornbury will remain a soft target for developers who care little if at all about our quality of life.

It is very encouraging to see that our MP is on our side over the current plans, and I hope that we can continue to count on his support in the future.

For now, Mr Hall deserves our heartfelt thanks and congratulations.

Professor Gareth Williams