TO OUR local councillors and friends in Wotton.

Have you considered those of us who live in the surrounding villages?

Wotton is important, not just to Wotton residents but to us in the villages.

The villages have very few amenities and we visit Wotton almost daily.

We need to visit the surgeries and the chemist.

We need Wotton for the very helpful and varied shopping facilities.

We also love to visit the cinema and the cafés and pubs.

Many of us who live in the surrounding villages are volunteers in the charity shops and other groups.

We need to park.

Twice during the past six weeks, I have been unable to park which makes me wonder how long I shall be able to continue my various Wotton commitments.

Charfield and Kingswood have had to accept over 100 new houses with more to come.

We have taken the brunt of the area’s new housing commitments, maybe this is why we were able to save the beautiful Coombe valley from development.

It is always sad to lose green land but sometimes it is the only answer.

If Wotton wants to continue to thrive as a vibrant and friendly market town more parking is essential otherwise Wotton will have even more empty shops and we will all be a great deal worse off.

Ann Jones