A THIRD Lib Dem leaflet is being delivered - and now I’m cross, not just puzzled!

The new leaflet (again in Cam even though the candidate is standing in Dursley!) says that Cam and Dursley are ‘set’ to be moved into the Thornbury and Yate constituency.

Their enormous graph even gives the results for Thornbury and Yate not Cam or Dursley - but the decision has not been made yet so this is a nonsense.

I haven’t met a single person here who wants to be moved into Thornbury and Yate.

Reading the Lib Dem leaflet you’d think it was a done deal. But that’s just not true and I think it’s wrong of the LibDems to put out a leaflet suggesting it.

The second part of consultation on this proposal is still live until March 27 and the decision won’t be till next year. So there’s still time to keep Cam and Dursley part of the Stroud constituency. Go to bce2018.org.uk , put in your postcode and when the map comes up, click on where you live and you can make a comment.

It’s not the easiest website for commenting but don’t be put off - make sure the Boundary Commission knows what we think!

If you’re not sure what to say, read comments other people have written!

Hilary Fowles

St Bartholomews Close