WITH great sadness I read in this week's Gazette that the future of the Post Office being moved is ‘on hold’.

When this was first proposed last August I keenly wrote to the Gazette supporting the idea.

I loved the idea of a Post Office in it’s own ‘shop’ with extra facilities like passport facilities, etc.

Like the wonderful Post Office in Yate which serves the community.

Before opening in the mornings there are queues of people waiting.

A credit to its efficiency and necessity for the people of Yate and surrounding area.

Thornbury is growing and we desperately need a good, bigger Post Office.

I go in the current one often and the staff are very helpful and efficient.

They cope with all that is thrown at them but there are queues and Thornbury is growing in population.

The idea of it moving to a more central location was great.

Thank you Cllr Maggie Tyrrell for all you have done to secure the relocation. Keep up the good work.

Marion Kayaalp

Primrose Drive