In his letter (March 30) Rob Jewell seeks to “solve the leaflet puzzle” and clear up the confusion regarding the Lib Dem candidates in the forthcoming county council elections.

He endeavours to explain that there was a bit of a problem with delivery of their leaflets resulting in some of us in Cam receiving literature telling us George Butcher is our candidate.

We then received another leaflet, presumably correctly delivered this time, apologising for the error (apparently due to the fact that they’d forgotten Cam and Dursley have been two separate divisions for several years) and telling us that Adrian Walker-Smith is actually our candidate. Good, so that’s settled then…

Now, in his letter to the Gazette Mr Jewell tells us that “… I am standing for Cam and Berkeley.” Then at the end he signs himself as “Liberal Democrat candidate for Cam and Dursley.”

So now I’m totally confused – as, apparently, are the Lib Dems; what hope is there for them running the county council if they can’t even sort out their candidates?

I might also add that if, rather than paying the Royal Mail to deliver their literature, the Lib Dems actually went out and delivered it themselves, they might actually know a bit about the area they would like to represent and give local people the chance to speak to them, as have the local Labour candidates and councillors who are regularly seen out and about.

Miranda Clifton