IT IS absolutely essential that the new metro mayor is able to hit the road running, be capable of balancing the interests and concerns of all three areas covered by the new combined authority and ready to champion the area and deal with government.

Only one candidate has that level of proven experience – Stephen Williams.

He was a minister in different government departments, including Communities and Local Government. He knows how the system works in London and can use that to our advantage.

He has been an MP and a county councillor so understands all levels of local government.

Please use your vote wisely.

At present we have two Tory leaders and a Labour mayor.

We do not want a metro mayor that can be to be seen to be in cahoots with any of them or the government, rather than just working for local people, but does has the political experience to take important decisions.

Independent experts, Ladbrokes, say this is a straight choice between the experienced Stephen Williams and the Tory’s back bench councillor that has had no significant political position of responsibility on the council.

Cllr Ruth Davis

Leader of South Gloucestershire Council Liberal Democrats