I PROTEST at the outrageous protests of Paul Brazier against protests.

He presents 'false news' and 'new facts' Trump style.

His attempt at belittling protests belittles himself as well as the Gazette.

It is variously estimated that five to six million Syrians have left their own country in protest against the fact that they would rather live than die.

His pretence that Israel is an oasis of freedom and allows protest is not only outrageous but grotesque.

Since the six-day Arab-Israeli war in 1967 does he believe that free protests have taken place in Israel?

Palestinians have protested in their own country, and taken exception to, by the occupying Israelis.

For example, from September 2000 to November 2015, 5,500 protesting Palestinians,in their own country, were killed by the Israeli army alone, many of these women and children.

Paul Brazier claims Israel is an ''exception'' in the Middle-East, given the above, I think he is exactly right.

Dr John Pallister

8 Bramley Close