THE new “Metro Mayor”, with the confusion of names and hitherto unknown role is being created at the invitation of government and is actually the best chance of solving this region’s pressing and difficult challenges that we have been offered and just might work.

The successful candidate will be in charge of new government money and chair a cabinet of the leaders of South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol, offering the chance of solving our many challenges around a single table.

That is, if we choose the right candidate.

All six know what needs to be done and all promise to deliver the good and protect us from the bad, but will they be able to do it when the parties they represent may well have other ideas?

John Savage is standing as an independent candidate, with whom I have worked for 30 years and know him to be a firm, fair and kind man, who faces challenges head-on, dealing with them successfully through patient negotiation.

If elected, I know that he will take the difficult decisions.

Peter Floyd

Merryhole Lane

Old Down