IN RESPONSE to Mr Thompson's letter firstly can we say we share his frustrations.

As the County Cllr for Dursley, and Labour candidate for Cam we have, alongside other local members and the Cam and Dursley Action group, argued for a long-term sustainable travel plan for the station.

We hope that additional land can be bought to create more parking spaces, but we need to get the money and the agreement for that and it takes time.

The plan is to increase the number of spaces available in the existing site by 18 places through removing fencing, surplus landscaping features and vegetation.

We agree that the sustainable option is to encourage greater use of buses into the site however realistically to lower the demand on car parking some significant financial investment is required to improve connectivity, keep costs low and meet expectations of private motorists.

Car sharing, cycling and walking are already viable options for some customers although perhaps these methods require greater promotion with existing customers for their environmental, health and economic benefits.

The Think Travel scheme attempts to do just this and promote alternative methods of travel

Perhaps even more importantly than promotion is to ensure that the infrastructure behind these modes of travel, cycle lanes, decent footways, street lighting etc is the best that it can be to offer an attractive alternative to private motoring.

We are keen to support investment in the necessary infrastructure.

Stephen Lydon and Julie Douglass

Labour County Council candidates for Dursley and Cam Valley