I HAVE had the honour for the last four years of representing the Dursley division which includes, Coaley, Uley , Nympsfield, Frocester, Owlpen and Leonard Stanley.

The result of the county council election means I will no longer be the county councillor.

I wish to thanks all the people who voted for me and the various town and parish councils for all their support.

I also wish to formally thank all members of Cam, Dursley and Berkeley Labour branch, who worked tirelessly for me and with me during the last four years.

I always planned that this would be my last election as I am firm believer in stepping aside and giving younger people an opportunity to stand for election.

Lastly I wish to thank the Gazette for its coverage of local affairs, you have always given me a fair hearing and I very much appreciate that.

Stephen Lydon

Marsh Road

Leonard Stanley