ON OPENING today's Gazette I see once that Mr Tull is again in for more flack from the Littleton people and their councillors.

They try to put a stop to everything he puts forward for this site. He cannot do anything right.

Do all these people from outside realise that this place was brick works? That is why they have three ponds in there and a lot of local jobs used to be there.

I have lived in Alveston all my life and go to Littleton a lot to walk up to Oldbury and down to the bridges.

Have they ever taken the trouble to walk on to the high bank to see a high spring tide? I have never seen the tide come over that bank to flood the road.

Do you think if there was a chance they would have put the brick works and offices that have been there for years?

Go and look at the place. It is a very good place for this Children's charity it is a pity that the people and councillors are not as charitable as Mr Tull.

R Murdock