I MUST take issue with the letter from J Long (Gazette, March 15).

I was born and bred in Chipping Sodbury take issue with the fact that he (or she) says there is no need for another sport hall – I don’t agree – I am not sure where there are four others within two miles of Sodbury, but I would like to know!

The fact is – I and five of my colleagues have been trying for the last four years to get an indoor leisure centre four years ago leaving 400 members with nowhere to go.

Obviously after all this time we will have lost some of the older members of our club.

Now the middle band age group are having to travel to bowl elsewhere, Chippenham, Stroud some have even had to go to Thornbury Leisure Centre to have somewhere to bowl.

The nearest – Thornbury – is run by Circadian Trust who also run Yate Leisure Centre.

We are hoping the Town Trust at the rugby club in Chipping Sodbury will consider us soon – we do need a place desperately for the bowls and the leisure side of life which the sport also brings to bowlers.

Please do tell me where there is somewhere large enough to accommodate us for bowls.

I have been looking to no avail.

J Long seems to have no idea about other people and their needs.

I would welcome comments.

Susan Maloney

Yate/Sodbury Indoor Bowls project