I AGREE entirely that there is a need for an indoor bowls facility in the area.

In view of what happened at Yate Leisure Centre, I would have thought there was an obligation for Yate Town Council to provide the bowlers with an indoor facility.

I would take issue with its location having to be on the Ridings.

The whole issue with regards to the location of sports centres is an important one.

They are by definition, huge buildings and are best located in or around buildings of a similar size i.e. schools or in some cases on industrial estates.

The infrastructure needed i.e. roads and parking are largely then already in place.

Going back to the proposal of the build on the Ridings, if this goes ahead further large areas of the Ridings will have to be concreted or tarmacked over to accomplish this.

I repeat what I said in my last letter, the Ridings is a unique and valued green space that should be valued and passed on for future generations to enjoy.

This includes those parishioners who do not play sport.

It does not deserve to be ploughed up for building.

The trustees are failing in their basic duty of looking after it.

They have by definition, been entrusted to look after it; covering it in houses and a sports centre which can't be economically justified is not the way forward.

A few sports club will benefit but not the parishioners of the town to whom it is entrusted!

J Long

Chipping Sodbury