I SUGGEST local residents look down over Littlecombe from the end of the Sainsbury’s car park in Dursley.

In the not-so-distant future, there will be a definite need for an easy pedestrian access route between all the new housing and the level of the centre of town.

Littlecombe residents should be discouraged from bringing their cars into central Dursley on shopping trips.

Therefore I submit my refined proposal for a ‘water-balance’ pedestrian elevator connecting the two areas.

There is – under the Sainsbury’s site - an existing strong-flowing underground stream that currently emerges in the Broadwell area.

Water from this source could be used to repeatedly fill the tank of the descending elevator car.

That car would haul up a second elevator car which would have an empty tank.

Each open-topped car would carry eight persons.

John Wilkes

Cam architect

(see gazetteseries.co.uk for the design proposal)