LAST spring I wrote to this paper complaining about the selfish dog walkers who bring their dogs round the corner of our house (Bodyce Road and Greenhill Road) in Alveston.

They let their dogs do their business on the pavement outside or even let them do it on our lawns and flower borders.

At the time I called for more neighbourly spirit and, in particular, clearing up after their dog and preventing them in the first place trespassing onto our front garden.

I received much support and congratulations from some locals for writing such a letter and was told it was even discussed and commented on at the local WI and residents' groups.

Whilst the problem has greatly improved, there is still a hard core of dog owners who still continue to let their dogs foul the pavements round our house and leave it.

This hardcore is mainly elderly women and children.

On occasions, I have had abuse from people when I have pointed out their responsibilities in clearing up.

So Alveston residents and, in particular, dog owners and walkers, clear your dog mess up or take your dogs to the countryside or better still let them do their toilet in your own gardens.

At the end of the day, how would you feel if I personally defecated or urinated outside your house on the pavement or on your front lawn or in your bushes.

Jeremy Howdle

Greenhill Road