THE incompetence of Stroud District Council beggars belief.

Today we received a recycling flyer through our letterbox.

Highlighted on this was "Download your (collections) calendar or recycling box" at, both being things we need, however:

The collections calendar is in full reverse colour (white writing, coloured background), so printing at home would use an unnecessarily large amount of expensive ink/toner; one decides to avoid waste and have only a 'virtual' calendar (hardly convenient!) the file name is "friday-week-2.pdf" - that'll so easy to find in a few months!

When it came to ordering a lid for our green recycling box - to keep paper and cardboard dry overnight before collection (at about 6 am), I followed the instructions in the flyer, but couldn't find any specific link, so I then did a search on the entire site for "green box cover" which gave a single entry the same telephone number as the flyer.

Guy Attfield