I WANT to draw your attention to a humanitarian service that our fire service provide as part of their remit.

Due to health and mobility issues I had not been able to go out for a few months and moving became a priority, as the stairs became harder.

As my moving day got closer the fear of negotiating those stairs (even one last time), concerned me more and more.

Having exhausted other avenues, and not wanting to put the responsibility onto family or friends, I decided to try the fire brigade.

The Yate day crew were so supportive, risk accessing and keeping my needs and timing at the centre at all times.

The planned strategy was so successful, time was not an issue and we became a "coherent team".

I will not forget that first hit of fresh air.

Thank you is a term that slides off the tongue so frequently and sometimes has little meaning.

Not in this instance, this is a new beginning for me and the Yate day crew helped facilitate this.

Jean Foster