Are Barratt Homes trying to kill people in Thornbury in their quest to build more homes?

They have erected a security fence with plastic shuttering to protect prying eyes from their building site at the junction of Upper Bath Road and Rock Street.

This has created an extremely dangerous situation for vehicles trying to exit Upper Bath Road and turn right towards the town. They have to edge out across half the carriageway to enable the driver to have a clear view of the oncoming traffic.

Many of the vehicles are carrying people with Special Needs who have been using the new excellent Turnberries Centre, and have to comply with the new one way road system; otherwise they could use the same egress as the Rock Street Car Park at Bath Road.

With the width of the road at the Rock Street/Upper Bath Road junction curtailed due to cars legally parked outside the houses on Rock Street, it is just a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

So Barratt Homes, why not take down the plastic sheeting on your security fence at this narrow junction before a serious accident or fatality happens and give pedestrians and drivers a chance to drive safely?

E M Forsythe Jubilee Drive, Thornbury