Reading the letter from Howard Price rang a bell with me: I have written three times to my MP (for the Cotswolds) and to the last two have not even had an acknowledgement.

In one of them I asked him to pass on to the Home Secretary my politely phrased disquiet about the plans to make it even more difficult for child refugees (I was one once, in 1940) to join their families in this country.

In places where I have lived previously, replies from my MP, of both Labour and Conservative parties, have always come, even when I was being critical.

It seems that Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown does not like unsupportive letters.

A citizen in a democracy should surely be able to expect that his MP will represent him to the extent of listening to contrary views: a single vote every few years is not enough, and to ignore letters completely is to me the height of bad manners.

Simon Barley