Further to Howard Price's letter (SNaJ letters, 21st July) in which he complained that our MP had never answered his questions, I thought your readers might be interested in my experience.

I have written to Siobhan Baillie on several occasions asking why, at a time when the government has to fund all the extra costs of the pandemic and did not feel able to compensate nurses adequately, it felt justified in increasing our stock of nuclear weapons by over 40%, especially when we are supposed to be reducing the numbers of those we have.

On each occasion, our MP replied about nuclear power, quite failing to understand or choosing to ignore my legitimate concerns!

As a signatory to the UN's nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the UK has committed to working towards disarmament. Thus, by planning to increase our stock of these apocalyptic weapons, our country would be breaking international law. CND, having sought legal opinion, plans to report the UK to the UN for breaking international law and are asking people to sign their petition. Anyone wishing to, can find the petition at cnd.eaction.org.uk

Sandi Beecher