I fully sympathize with Jeff Wilson who wrote to you last week about getting a parking ticket. I, too, had a parking charge notice (PCN) sent by the civil enforcement firm for parking in the Five Valleys Car Park.

Fortunately, I had retained my ticket and was able to send it in with my appeal thinking this would be the end of the matter. But no, in a letter addressed to my husband, who neither owns the car nor was driving at the time, I was informed that I had not entered my full registration number and as this was an infringement of the regulations, I would still be charged £20.00 that would be increased to £100.00 if not paid within 14 days. My MP, Siobhan Baillie, has agreed to investigate further.

I feel that this parking firm is being both petty and vindictive, not to mention the fact that it has caused considerable marital disharmony due to the letter being addressed to the wrong person.

Perhaps I should claim compensation from them for breach of the Data Protection Act?

Olga Griffths

Edge, Stroud