If thirty years ago someone had said that there was oil in the Stroud valleys, would we have left it there?

We’d have been worried about the environment but I think we’d have found a way to get that oil out sensitively – think of the benefit to the district’s economy and people.

So why can’t we do the same with renewables, the new oil. The International Energy Association (IEA), the traditional guardians of the world's supply of oil recently said “(Net-zero by 2050) requires the massive deployment of all available clean energy technologies...between now and 2030.” “Solar PV capacity (will) increase 20-fold between now and 2050, and wind power 11-fold.”.

“Achieving this will rely on a singular, unwavering focus”.

Think about that: a “singular, unwavering focus” is quite emphatic.

It puts installing wind and solar near the top of the priority list, particularly in the next few years. So let's not worry whether it’s wind or solar or both.

Let's just get on and install as much as we can and help to secure the future of our valleys. We have windy hills and warm hill sides. Let's use them.

Peter Wormington