May I please be permitted to call Sue Hawking to task over her letter about the Minstrel Show.

Why bring to the fore a show that was banned a long time ago? It's fuelling the wrong route to friendly acceptance on all sides. It's fanning flames.

It is unfair to readers to use unexplained terms such as BAME. It is high-faluting.

It is not wise to talk down to others with assumptions that can be misinterpreted. She has no knowledge of my ethnic background.

As mentioned in a previous letter I fully understand sensitive reactions to mimic.

My only interest is in levelling, so that the rhubarb of the politics does not descend into quarrelling, and possible war, such as what happened to the young Bristolian hospital worker a while ago, and the rioting in Bristol over the statue.

Any mention of mine about our little Stroud statue is open to discussion.

I would prefer the statue to represent love rather than provoke a thorny reaction.

Molly Roberts